Ego and the Dewdrop


Ego, she’s a shadow,
She follows you and me;
She’s cruel and follows everyone,
Except the humble, She spares none;

Walking thro’ the woods, early dawn,
Of course with the Ego following me;
Midway I stopped suddenly,
For smiling at me was a wild rose;

The Dewdrop on the wild rose petal
Added to the flowers’s beauty, shining,
Brightly as if a diamond,
As the Sun’s rays fell on it;

Suddenly my Ego asked the Dewdrop,
“Why hurting the petal, are you,”
It has done no harm to you,
Soft she is, why are you so harsh?”

The Dewdrop answered”

“Not hurting the rose I’m,
But making others happy,”
Filling their hearts with joy
And only a few moments for me to fade away;”

He continued,

“it’s you who are hurting others”
By your fiery glance and words;
The greatest sin on Earth,
Is to break a heart;”

As I gazed on, the dewdrop vanished,
Leaving me and my Ego in a trance;
To ponder over the truth,
Revealed by the little dewdrop;

Yes, ashamed she was, the Ego,
For having been so cruel;
Tears rolling down her cheeks,
She knelt down praying:

O Lord,

“Just as the dewdrop had faded away,
As the Sun’s rays fell on it,
Let me also wither away,
Never to be born again.”