Gazing Eyes


Where did I find those
Two bright shining diamonds?
When did I see those
Big sparkling gazing eyes

The place I don’t remember,
But it was not a mountain nor a desert;
The time I have forgotten,
Neither early dawn nor late twilight;

But one thing I’m sure,
There was a sea of emotions in them;
Full of love and affection,
Yet piercing my heart;

Whenever they met mine,
A lightning flashed across
My heart and piercing it went ,
Into my so called pride;

Was I dazzled a bit,
By its beauty and brightness?
Surely for my mind was wavering,
Which I thought was steady.

But then came a high tide,
And the wind roared with all its might,
Calmness and serenity lost
It was full of terror and hatred.

Slowly, I realized the truth,
Pacified my mind saying,
The serenity is not forever,
To be lost in its charm is futile;

But now the terror is gone,
Hatred has just faded away;
A silent gloom is there,
Grief that puts one to pain;

So I pray to the Lord,
“Give back the love and affection
To those wonderful gazing eyes”,
For comforting a disheartened Soul!!

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