Golden Memories


Thick white clouds floated across the sky,
Hustling and bustling wind blowed down the valley;
Tingling golden waters of the brook flowed down,
Over the mountain top was the golden crown;
By the bank of the brook, on an evening I sat,
Watching the shining waters striking the pebbles;
Listening to the chirping of sparrows and fluttering wings of pigeons;

Then my mind raced down the lane of golden memories,
I fell into the mesmerizing pool of bygone years;
First day to school, crying all along the way,
The days filled with fun, full of work and play;
Last year at school, all those strenuous days,
Stepping into college, full of excitement,
Completing the course, heart filled with satisfaction;
Many cherished dreams and unfulfilled ambitions,
Embarassing experiences and bitter truths,
Later came some bright sunny days,
Making the heart warm and light;
Bringing all the fragrance of spring,
Into my soul of cold winter;

Alas! The hooting of an owl woke me up,
Astonished was I, as tears rolled down my cheeks,
The Moon had risen in the far horizon
Shining brightly with all its beauty and charm;
Slowly I got up, heart heavy with grief,
And trotted down the path, back home !!